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7 Jul 2016
Image Indexing through FTP Upload

Now a new data sync method, FTP upload, is available for you to index images to the ViSenze server. If you have a large database and need to keep your data synced with ViSenze regularly but not real-time, just upload your data file regularly to ViSenze's FTP server, and we will process your data automatically. Please check out this article for more details and contact your account manager or write to support@visenze.com to get your ViSenze FTP account.

30 Jun 2016
ViSenze opens a new datacenter in California

What's one of the most important thing for visual search experience? Speed!

As our visual tech solutions are exposed to more and consumers from multiple countries, to increase our service availability and provide a better user experience across wider geographical areas, our infrastructure has been upgraded to be deployed across the world. Now we are glad to announce the opening of our new datacenter in California. The end-to-end search latency from North America is now dramatically reduced.

You can choose to be hosted on this datacenter by contacting your account manager or write to support@visenze.com.