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2 Dec 2016
Dashboard Reports Analytics

Since our solution widgets have been upgraded to include tracking of user actions, our dashboard now offers click event analytics to provide insights on your user actions. With the analytics dashboard page, you can visualize and download the click-through rates, click rank, add-to-wishlist rate, and add-to-cart rates by solution. You can also analyze the metrics over time. The dashboard also has a page for viewing the usage of each of the solutions through API calls and bandwidth used. Download any of this data to perform your own detailed analysis or comparisons.

8 Nov 2016
Solution SDK Widgets for Javascript

We’ve launched a beta release of desktop and mobile web widgets for four of our solutions: Search by Image, Find Similar, You May Also Like, and Search by Color. These widgets are in the form of Javascript SDKs that provide customizable UI components as well as analysis of user actions. This will provide a smoother integration experience and provide you with more insight into the click events taking place through our solutions. Our developer site has also been revamped to guide developers in implementing these solution-based widgets.