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4 Dec 2017
Introducing New Dashboard Navigation Pane

We have launched a new Dashboard UI with the following changes to your navigation pane:

  • You can browse and enter any of your accounts. If you have a single account, you will be at the Account Summary page by default.
  • Under the account dropdown menu, you can enter Application List to view your existing applications. You can visit Team Members page to manage the user permission under your account. And you can view the Billing information of your account.
  • Under user account dropdown menu, you can edit your Settings by editting profile information, language preference and password.
1 Dec 2017
Grouping and Sorting Your Search Results

Now you can group and sort your search results in your own way! It makes sense that sometimes the search results should be presented in groups. For example, if the product base contains same images for different product variants, you can group them by specifying the product id. Moreover, you can sort your search results in ascending or descending order based on a specified field, such as price. Note it is highly possible that results with lower confidence scores will be ranked in front, therefore it is sugguested to use min_score as a threshold to filter unwanted results.