Release Notes
16 Feb 2017 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard-1.8.2 Front-end refactor, distribute static files through CDN to accelerate the page loading time
Release Notes
6 Feb 2017 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard-1.8.1 Support multi-thread datafeed insert for spesific accounts
Release Notes
27 Jan 2017 | Dashboard, Widgets
  • Dashboard-1.8.0 Add client-side authentication method via App Key and separate section for mobile sandbox integration
  • Widgets-0.2.0 Update authentication method via App Key
  • Developer-site-1.4.2 Support widget access key authentication
Release Notes
20 Jan 2017 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard v1.7.8 Updated multi-language dashboard to external users:
    • UI for language switch in settings saved in database
Release Notes
13 Jan 2017 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard v1.7.7 First rollout of multi-language dashboard to external users:
    • Front-end translation to simplified Mandarin Chinese
    • Initial user interaction for language switch
Release Notes
9 Jan 2017 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard-1.7.4 UI and bug fixes to the analytics reports usage page
    • Summary usage metrics that report last 30 days and compare to the change from the previous 30 days
    • Question mark tooltips to help with understanding analytics metrics
    • Date range sync with graph
    • Numerical formatting fixes


Release Notes
9 Dec 2016 | iOS
  • iOS_Widget_v0.1.0 First beta release of Swift SDK widget.
Release Notes
2 Dec 2016 | Dashboard Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v5.2.1 Bug Fixes´╝Ü Incorrect detection box when user turn off automatic object detection.
  • Dashboard_v1.7.0 Report page refactor.
Release Notes
21 Nov 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v5.0.0 New algorithm released which encompasses a better understanding of the visual attributes of fashion items. New algorithm released specific to understanding the visual attributes for furniture items.
Release Notes
15 Nov 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.5.0 Upgraded automatic object detection algorithm to reduce the error and pick up more products especially improved detection of smaller products as Shoes and Eyewears.
Release Notes
11 Nov 2016 | Dashboard Infrastructure
  • API_v5.6.5 Bug fixes: Image indexing stuck in middle. Image count is less than 0 on dashboard. Total image count is not accurate on dashboard.
  • Dashboard_v1.6.1 Data worker refactor for performance improvement.
Release Notes
8 Nov 2016 | JS
  • JS_Widget_v0.1.0 First beta release of Javascript SDK widget.
Release Notes
13 Oct 2016 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard_v1.6.0 API Playground permission control and refactor.
Release Notes
7 Oct 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.4.2 Official released visual feature set for fabric.
Release Notes
27 Sep 2016 | Algorithm Dashboard
  • Algorithm_v4.4.0 Refactor face detection logic in fashion detection.
  • Dashboard_v1.5.0 Support new billing plan.
Release Notes
26 Sep 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.5.0 Provide rule based customization filters on the search results
Release Notes
23 Sep 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.3.0 Support color filter after search by image.
Release Notes
14 Sep 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.2.5 Shoe search improvement.
Release Notes
8 Sep 2016 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard_v1.4.2 FTP data upload performance improvement
Release Notes
30 Aug 2016 | Algorithm
  • API_v5.3.0 Improve the idsearch latency through removing the access to dynamoDB
Release Notes
18 Aug 2016 | Algorithm
  • API_v5.2.4 Support to set default feature set for each account. Exclude internal api calls from QPS limit.
Release Notes
17 Aug 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.2.3 Upgraded eyewear detection by refining training data and new model.
Release Notes
11 Aug 2016 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard_v1.4.1 Support API limit configuration and Home page refactor.
Release Notes
5 Aug 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.2.2 Refine the index rebuild process.
Release Notes
26 Jul 2016 | Infrastructure Dashboard
  • API_v5.2.1 Latency improvement of FL and long trans issues.
  • Dashboard_v1.4.0 Multi-datacenter deployment configuration
Release Notes
26 Jul 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v4.1.0 Prototype for multiple object search.
Release Notes
1 Jul 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.1.6 Rebuild index across multiple datacenters whe schema changed.
Release Notes
23 Jun 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.1.3 Return specific error message rather than system busy for invalid filter queries.
Release Notes
20 Jun 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.1.1 Bug fix: URL encode/decode error caused download image 404 error.
Release Notes
6 Jun 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v3.2.9 Improve glasses search performance.
Release Notes
30 May 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v5.0.0 Infrastructure updated to support multi-datacenter deployment.
Release Notes
20 May 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v4.3.0 Support account based QPS control.
Release Notes
13 May 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v4.2.3 Improve search proxy to enlarge http content length limit from 1 MB to 10 MB.
Release Notes
11 May 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v3.2.4 Fix the face detection running slow issue due to ccv lib compile problem.
Release Notes
3 May 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v3.2.3 Support user point input.
Release Notes
22 Apr 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v3.2.0 Add new visual feature from attribute recognition scores.
Release Notes
5 Apr 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm_v3.1.0 Improve object detetion with new training model.
Release Notes
24 Mar 2016 | Infrastructure Dashboard
  • API_v3.7.1 Support customized product type list.
  • Dashboard_v1.3.1 Billing usage data monitoring and CTR report page refactor
Release Notes
18 Mar 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v3.7.0 Support to update metadata without update visual feature.
Release Notes
11 Mar 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API_v3.6.4 Support uploadsearch with im_id parameter.
Release Notes
6 Mar 2016 | Android
  • Android SDK Android SDK supports event tracking for you to understand how your customer interact with the search results.
Release Notes
23 Feb 2016 | Algorithm JS
  • JS Javascript SDK is ready for preview!
  • Algorithm Product classification supports "outerwears".
Release Notes
12 Feb 2016 | Dashboard
  • Released a ViSearch APP on both Apple store and Google play store.
  • Dashboard Add guidance messages to improve user experience.
  • Dashboard A default demo APP is available so that trial users could play with the search functions before inserting any data.
Release Notes
28 Jan 2016 | Algorithm Dashboard Infrastructure
  • Automatic Object Recognition Feature (beta) is now available for non-fashion APPs (e.g. Furniture, Trademark etc). Three new product types Furniture, Eyewear, Jewelry are added to the auto detected product list. You can try it out on your ViSenze dashboard or ViSearch - Mobile Sandbox APP (search "ViSearch - Mobile Sandbox" in Android App store).
Release Notes
11 Jan 2016 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Automatic Object Recognition Feature (beta) is available for all fashion apps on API playground.

  • Dashboard Visearch app download and QR Code share support.

  • Latest Mobile APPs and source code are now available:

Release Notes
11 Jan 2016 | Algorithm
  • Algorithm Product classification to support more fashion types, including indian ethnic wear and watch.
  • Algorithm Add gender output from upload search product detection.
Release Notes
8 Jan 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API Set timeout value for image download.
  • API Fix the issue that search call may hang when calling recognition in high pressure.
  • API Internal enhancement for detection mapping configuration.
Release Notes
7 Jan 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API Refine feature insert logstash level config.
  • API Support internal parameters for uploading feature on insert API.
  • API Fix the issue that search call may hang when calling recognition in high pressure.
Release Notes
6 Jan 2016 | Infrastructure
  • API Refine internal retry for feature_insert image download errors.
  • API Retry feature extraction when feature workers are down instead of returning 301 error.


Release Notes
31 Dec 2015 | Infrastructure
  • API Search with fq on non-searchable field will not be ignored and return 0 result.
  • API Refine error message for search API with zero result response.
  • API IDsearch could also leverage recognition in search.
Release Notes
11 Dec 2015 | Dashboard Infrastructure
  • Dashboard QR code is added to applications key list for mobile demo app.
  • API Internal enhancement on auto deployment and components level monitor.
Release Notes
27 Nov 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Usability improvement and mixpanel data tracking.
  • Dashboard Billing display and calculation improvement.
Release Notes
19 Nov 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Feedback feature: allow users to send feedback about search results, support ticket will be created automatically.
  • Dashboard Support reproduce search results on upload search history images.
  • Dashboard Inserting datafeed process is resumable from breakpoint.
Release Notes
5 Nov 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Start early adoption on automatic object recognition with selected accounts.
  • Dashboard Internal refactor: separate web service and worker to allow multiple instances deployment.
Release Notes
19 Oct 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Allow account manager to send email reminders to pending accounts.
  • Dashboard Bug fixes: * loading page for uplaodseach history is very slow. * some of the uploadsearch history is missed. * overage in system management is inconsistent with that on billing page.
Release Notes
6 Oct 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Users can download detailed usage file(csv) from the dashboard.
  • Dashboard System admin could access suspended/disabled accounts from system management page.
Release Notes
22 Sep 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Redesign the billing page.
  • Dashboard Performance improvement: reduce dashboard first-page loading time from 1s to 0.2s.
  • Dashboard Time display fix: all the datetime shown in dashboard now are in UTC.
  • Dashboard Bug Fixes:
    • Cannot navigate to selected application when there is an error prompt in API Playground page
Release Notes
26 Aug 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Support browsing different accounts or apps in multiple tabs.
  • Dashboard Bug Fixes:
    • No response after clicking "Change Plan" on Billing page.
    • Application drop down list should not be changed for an invalid url.
    • Status for a newly created app is incorrect when another app is uploading images.
Release Notes
6 Aug 2015 | Dashboard Infrastructure Algorithm
  • Support Google WebP image format for both inserting and searching from both Dashboard and API.
Release Notes
3 Aug 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Provide a brand new "Getting Started" guidance page to help trial users on-board.
  • Dashboard Standardise the date time format on dashboard.
  • Dashboard Bug Fixes
    • Fix jvm memory leak issue which causes the dashboard service down for a few times.
    • Remove internal usage from API search statistics data.
    • Fix data display issue under different time-zones
    • Show straight-line instead of curve for data plot
Release Notes
30 Jul 2015 | Infrastructure
  • API Send email notification when a new app is created.
Release Notes
20 Jul 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Fix image overage calculation issue.
Release Notes
15 Jul 2015 | Infrastructure
  • API Support 'OR' operator for String type in search filtering process.
  • API Produce a syntax message when detect fq syntax issue.
  • API Add monitor of index trans process.
Release Notes
10 Jul 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Bug Fixes
    • Billing amount caculation is incorrect.
    • Image overage should be removed from home page.
    • Percentage for number of images is incorrect.
    • Image count is not shown in Dashboard on time.
    • Hourly overage image count is incorrect.
    • If a batch task throws exception, the upload procedure on the page should be ended.
Release Notes
3 Jul 2015 | Dashboard
  • Dashboard Allow auto-signin when user activates their registered account.
  • Dashboard Setup email notificaiton to
    • users at different usage levels.
    • users who forget password and reset.
  • Dashboard Improve experience on uploading datafeeds.
  • Dashboard Bug Fixes
    • Selected application name is incorrect in application dropdown list.
    • Update schema doesn't work.
    • Wired image usage Alert email sequence and inconsistent wording.
    • Application type and description is inconsistent.
    • Deleted user cannot register again.
    • Dropdown list of Application names have a blank item for read-only user.
    • Additional item "select" in application names' drop down list.